I Wonder if You Can” Exhibition

The rampart of Love represents the starting point of the outdoor photographic journey of the exhibition “I wonder If You Can” held in the beautiful setting of the Medici Fortress, a quadrilateral structure erected in 1560 on a design by Baldassarre Lanci. Cosimo de Medici built it with the aim of hindering any initiative by the Sienese in regaining independence. Since 1937 it has been transformed into a public garden from which a beautiful panorama of the city and the surrounding countryside can be admired. On each corner of the fort, four imposing pentagonal ramparts rise, according to the layout of the Italian bastion front, called “San Filippo”, “San Francesco”, “San Domenico” and “La Madonna”. Inside, along the perimeter of the walls, there are wide walkways with planted trees which have been turned into walking areas. An amphitheater-shaped structure was built in the center of the area and it is often used for outdoor summer shows. The entrance, once defended by a drawbridge, is located on the north-east side, near the Lizza gardens.


Fortezza Medicea Siena

Period: October 24th – November 29th
Location: Piazza Caduti delle Forze Armate


APP developed by inquadrART

Description: an Exhibition of Fine Art Photography using collage, double exposure, and blurred images, in which the photographers illuminate the grace and beauty of their surroundings, revealing hidden truths of the world around us.

The exhibition “I Wonder if You Can” features the work of contemporary photographers as they push the limits of this age-old medium. The artists use an innovative approach to still photography to subvert the viewer’s expectations. The exhibition explores the hidden wonders of the world around us: multilayered imagery to illuminate the experience of traveling, bold colors and blurred images to create dream-like snapshots of a moment in time, and much more. By challenging the conventions of fine art photography, the photographers tapped into the beauty of everyday events, giving meaning and purpose to scenes and experiences we might otherwise take for granted.