Steve Winter’s Talk

Description: Steve Winter’s conference will open to the public the spaces of the Natural History Museum which, throughout November, will host the “Big Cats” exhibition, displaying breathtaking images of lions, tigers, and leopards in their natural habitats.

You will have the opportunity to spend breathtaking moments daringly close to tigers, snow leopards, jaguars, and cougars through the unforgettable stories and images of the National Geographic photographer. Steve will entertain the public with stories of the most dangerous and interesting moments of his illustrious career as a National Geographic photographer. While these felines may be endangered, they’re still wild, unpredictable creatures and caution is required in their presence. Negotiating their habitats can be really dangerous. This is not an easy task. Steve not only will show and excite people about big cats but will also give people a reason to care for them.


Location: Natural History Museum
Piazzetta Silvio Gigli 2, Siena
Date: Saturday, October 23rd 2021
Time: 11:00 am