Description: Pollution and global warming are the greatest threats to the Arctic. The changes involved affect the bears as they are losing their habitat and they cannot adapt in few decades to a different  scenario.

The Arctic  ice decreases and consequently there are more challenges for bears to get food and the  future is even more uncertain. What can we do? Actually mankind can contribute to slow down this process with conscious consumption and a different lifestyle. Even small deeds are important.

Marco Urso, took the pictures of his exhibition during several  journeys to the Arctic. His wish is  to share the emotions he felt in observing and photographing polar bears in different moments of life in their environment.

From cubs playing close to their caring mother to strong young bears sparring,  you will be guided through a visual journey in a beautiful world made of snow, ice and silence.

With his images the author wants to make us conscious how  polar bears and their habitat deserve our attention and effort.



Location: Accademia dei Fisiocritici | Piazzetta Silvio Gigli, 2 – Siena

Period: 2016

Photographer Biography:     

Marco is a wildlife and travel photographer. His photos have been used for nature and travel books all around the world and have been published by magazines such as National Geographic, Nature Images, Nature Best, Outdoor Photographer, Asferico, Nature and Oasis, and Go Nordic. 

He was awarded winner or finalist in major international competitions such as National Geographic, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Travel Photographer of the Year, Hasselblad Awards, Nature Best, Big Picture, Outdoor Photographer of the Year, Italian Nature Photography Championship, Glanzlichter, GDT, Oasis and Biophotocontest . In the past two years alone, he has won more than one hundred and twenty awards internationally. His photos have been exhibited in Washington, San Francisco, London, Cologne, Singapore, St. Petersburg and Moscow. He has visited and traveled to seventy-four countries. He writes and publishes articles and features in the magazines Oasis, Nature, Asferico. Image Mag, and in English and German, in the magazine Go Nordic. In 2015, he founded the Academy of Photography, which offers courses in photographic culture and technique throughout Italy.