Ph. by Ahmed Abdulazim

Description: all around the world, OPEN is the sign you can find on any shop’s door when it is open for business.

This year, it is also the title of the photographic exhibition in the shops of the historic streets in Siena’s city center, one of the novelties of the 2021 edition of the Festival.

The images come from the exhibition “Imagine All The People Sharing All the World 2020,” which was prematurely closed due to the pandemic lockdown. Thanks to an initiative promoted by the Municipality of Siena, the images will be displayed again to the world and the citizens of Siena. This is a way to start all over again with confidence, enthusiasm and optimism.

The widespread shop locations will be transformed into original spaces to tell stories about the many cultures and souls represented by international photography.

OPEN is an imperative, just like IMAGINE, the ‘brand idea’ of Siena Awards.

Welcome to the world of imagination!


Location: Widespread exhibition in the shops of the historic center of Siena

Period: 2021