Step into the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon through the lens of this captivating photography exhibition. This collection documents the resilient resistance of the Indigenous nations of the Ecuadorian Amazon as they fiercely defend their ancestral lands from the destructive forces of extractivism.
For decades, Ecuador’s lush jungle has borne the scars of relentless environmental exploitation. Oil spills, industrial malpractice, and both legal and illegal mining activities have ravaged hundreds of hectares of this once lush and pristine ecosystem into contaminated lunar landscapes, poisoned with mercury and toxic waste.
Yet, amid this devastation, the Indigenous peoples of the Amazon stand as courageous guardians, protecting not only the land but also their rich cultural heritage. The exhibition highlights their struggles and victories, both armed and legal, against extractive concessions, powerful foreign and national corporations, and complicit governments.

Through powerful imagery, we witness landmark victories such as the 25-year legal battle against Chevron-Texaco, the struggle of the Shuar people for the restitution of their lands in Nankints, and the ongoing process that will determine the future of the Waorani people in their efforts to hinder oil extraction in the last pristine area of the Yasuní National Park.
PIATSAW tells the story of resistance and celebrates the ingenuity of Amazonian communities in adopting a wide range of tactics, from activism to territory monitoring, from armed guards to legal battles. Their actions not only contribute to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest but are essential as the only form of resistance to climate change.
“PIATSAW” is a testimony to the profound cohesion between authentic peoples and their ecosystem. It pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Amazonian peoples and deepens our understanding of the urgent environmental and cultural threats facing the Ecuadorian Amazon.
The images on display celebrate the titanic effort to preserve their ancestral territories, despite the adversity and injustice surrounding what is still called “Progress.”



Accademia dei Rozzi | Via di Città, 36 – Siena

Period: September 28th – November 24th

Opening Time:
Friday: 03:00 pm-07:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 am-01:00 pm 03:00 pm-07:00 pm
10:00 am-01:00 pm 03:00 pm-07:00 pm


Photographer Biography: Nicola “Ókin” Frioli, born in Rimini, Italy in 1977, is an independent photographer who has spent the last two decades capturing the essence of indigenous cultures, human rights issues, and environmental concerns. Educated in Fine Arts at high school, he further honed his skills after receiving a scholarship to the University of Image in Milan. Nicola’s journey has taken him to diverse corners of the globe, including India, Pakistan, Mexico, and the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. For the past 17 years, Nicola has called Mexico home, finding inspiration in its vibrant landscapes and rich cultural diversity alongside his loyal dogs. Nicola’s work has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as Time Magazine, The Guardian, and Stern, as well as El País Semanal and the Washington Post blog, breathing life into untold stories and shedding light on the human condition with authenticity and respect. He has showcased his work in prestigious group exhibitions across the globe, notably at the Festival Photo España in 2009, Paris Photo in 2018, the Zoom Photo Festival in Canada in 2021, and Photoville in New York in 2023. Among Nicola’s notable achievements is his acclaimed project “Piatsaw,” which sheds light on the indigenous resistance against mining and oil extraction in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This project has earned him recognition in numerous international competitions, culminating in the prestigious “Award of Excellence” mention in the “World Understanding Award” category at the Pictures of the Year 2024 (POY).

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