The retrospective, which represents the largest anthology of William Albert Allard ever organized in Italy, displays fifty of the artist’s best shots .
Through the images on display, partly photographic retrospectives and party personal memories, the exhibition retraces the history of one of the most important personalities of 20th-century photography.

Some of his most famous works are on display such as “Basque Girls Running Home, Behorleguy, France, 1967,” one of the most iconic photographs in the history of photography, as well as “Buckaroo T.J. Symonds, Nevada, 1979,” “Benedetta Buccellato, Sicily, 1994,” “Edwardo and His Dead Sheep, Peru, 1981,” “Henry Gray, rancher, Arizona, 1970,”and others drawn from his 50-year body of work seen in his book “William Albert Allard-Five Decades A Retrospective” published by National Geographic/Focal Point Books in 2010.

The exhibition paints a complete picture of the life and work of a photographer always in search of “what happens on the edge of an event as well as the event itself.”

Bill Allard is not only an artist but also a master at capturing painterly quality images with nuanced detail, rich color palettes, and elaborate compositions.
Many of the photos on display were discovered while he was traveling, whether along roads or in bars while wandering around towns.

Allard considers himself primarily a “street shooter,” making images he discovers while wandering about. He says, “Some of my best pictures were given to me. I might have gained access to a situation, which is important, but even more important is that after gaining access, I was accepted. And once my subjects accepted my presence and trusted me, they gave me the pictures. And there is no formula for that. I guess it’s a matter of how you project yourself. But there is no formula.”



Location: Centro Culturale “La Tinaia” | Via dei Macelli, 1 – Sovicille

Period: September 30th – November 19th
Opening Time:
Friday: 03:00 pm-07:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 am-07:00 pm
Holidays: 10:00 am-07:00 pm


©Scott Goldsmith

Photographer Biography: a pioneer in color photography and writer, William Albert Allard has contributed to National Geographic Magazine for 50 years.
The son of a Swedish immigrant, William Albert Allard was born in 1937. He studied at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts and the University of Minnesota. One of the few photographers of his generation whose entire professional body of work is in color, he has contributed to National Geographic Society publications as a staff, freelance, contract photographer, and writer since 1964. Over the course of his career at National Geographic, Allard has contributed to some 40 National Geographic magazine articles.
He has published 8 books, two of them PORTRAITS OF AMERICA and FIVE DECADES were published by National Geographic.
He has been published in major U.S. and European publications as well as several critically acclaimed books, including Vanishing Breed, The Photographic Essay, A Time We Knew: Images of Yesterday in the Basque Homeland, Time at the Lake: A Minnesota Album, and Portraits of America.
A former contributor to Magnum Photos, Allard’s prints appear in many private and museum collections. William Albert Allard lives near Charlottesville, Virginia, with his wife, Ani, and their two dogs, Lizzy and Rosie. They have a son, Anthony, and Allard has three children, Chris, Terri, and David, from a previous marriage. He lost his firstborn son, Scott, to cancer when Scott was in his forties. All the children live nearby.