Sunday, September 29th 2024

This day begins with the Grand Opening of the Exhibition “People Sharing All The World.”

An exclusive event in an inclusive setting where you’ll have the chance to forge unforgettable memories, admire the winning images of the Siena International Photo Awards contest, and reconnect with all the awarded photographers in person.

Following the exhibition, you’re free to explore at your leisure one of the many authentic restaurants in the heart of Siena. Indulge in Tuscan cuisine while engaging in lively conversation with the newfound friends you’ve met during your time in Siena.

The evening concludes with a warm welcome from one of the 17 contrade of Siena. It’s a unique experience that will immerse you in the captivating atmosphere of the Palio di Siena: a vibrant tapestry of colors, traditions, and emotions spanning four centuries.

An opportunity not to be missed!


Meeting point: Former Distillery “Lo Stellino” | Internal pavilion, Via Fiorentina, 95 – Siena

Time: from 10:00 am